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Enjoy this Mini Dance Class…And Feel Sexy, Beautiful & Energized In Your Body….Right Now!

Booty Shakin’ Dance Choreography For You! :)

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booty shakin dance choreography

Hi there–

I have two exciting things to share with you today:

One is a fun dance choreography for you…and the other is some hot romance news from my life! :)

First things first, I’ve put together a booty shaken’ dance choreography for you (people are already loving it on

To drop you right into pleasure with moving and playing in your body…initiating dance movement FROM your
hips…and feeling sensual, playful, and free!

This hot little number is choreographed to one of my favorite Axe songs right now…

Now Axe is pronounced (ah-SHAY)…

And it’s a word that simultaneously means cool, spiritually full, and community in Brazilian Portuguese (maybe with
Yoruban roots?)…

Plus, it describes a booty-shakin’ style of Brazilian pop music.

It’s actually been the most popular song in Brazil for almost two years…It’s all about “Oh, when I get my hands on you!”

Which brings me to my other exciting piece of news…

I am officially engaged to my wonderful partner, Tommy Wu! Environmentally friendly, super sparkly ring, and all! :)

I like to call my fiancee Tommy Wu-hoo, actually…and you may have seen him in the Romance videos inside my

He’s a super talented and insightful men’s confidence, fashion, and love coach…as well as being a fabulous
engineer…and my favorite dance partner, ever! :)

He proposed to me at the ice skating rink in Bryant Park, here in NYC…

its a yes

The giant fountain outside the park was dripping in icicles, the hip hop music was bumpin’, people were happily skating
in circles and it wasn’t too crowded because it was SO cold…I was wearing my cutest and warmest hat and gloves…

And he proposed to me right after I fell on my booty on the ice. :)

It was so beautiful though, and I couldn’t stop laughing and crying, afterwards…

And for me personally, I have to say that I’m so glad that I waited until now to get married.

I’ve had many amazing long-time boyfriends, and lots of great men whom I’ve dated briefly, and I appreciate all of
them…the fabulous lovers and the bad boys who broke my heart along the way too…

I’m glad I waited because I never wanted to be pinned down as “being” a certain way by any of these guys…I always
felt like I was expanding and changing a lot…and I hate how in some of my past relationships, guys would say, “oh you’
re like this”…and my spirit would rebel at being labeled and trapped down that way…

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been totally envious of some of my friends A-MAY-ZING marriages, who married much, much
younger than me…

But weaving your way through a pathway of love adventures, also has great gifts…

So how did I land the love of my life?

Tommy dancing for More RomanceWell, we met on the dance floor. (I bet you could have guessed that! :) )

And that brings me to reflect on the awesome power of shaking your hips and booty…a power that isn’t talked or
written about much…

‘Cause many people think of dancing as a great way to have fun and be healthy and fit…but Dancing actually has
many more gifts to give…

Plain and simple, dancing with your hips, and connecting with the “pleasure center” of your body…is an awesome way
to get your Body, Mind, and Spirit all pointed in the same direction…
So that you can “attract” what you most want in life!

Basically, what you can dream up IS possible for you…we just have to release the negative thoughts and habits that
hold us back, and get into our JOY, into our “flow”…take advantage of the right teachers and new information that
“calls you forward”…and allow the vision to evolve…

AND move and play in our bodies every day.

I think that’s the biggest ingredient that’s left out of the “how to attract what you deeply desire” story…and this applies
to health, love, abundance…all of it!

feel magnetically attractiveWhen you dance and get into playing the music with your hips…your mind automatically
stops thinking…it’s such a powerful form of movement meditation…

You feel happy and free, and after you finish dancing…you have refreshed creativity and a whole new perspective on
any challenges…

Your spirit feels uplifted by moving your body to music…and connecting with your sensuality…

Body, mind, and spirit all lined up and pointing in the same direction! :)

So stay tuned…I’m going to share my story of how dancing helped me manifest the most amazing romantic partner of
my life (my soon-to-be husband)…

With some key “how-to” ideas you can use to call in what your heart most desires right now, too…

It should make for an interesting story over the next few days!

And go get your joy on, with my little booty-shakin’ dance choreography video! Leave me a comment or write me
back…and let me know how you feel!

I love Brazilian dance…

Because it celebrates feeling sexy in your body…but in a really joyful and playful way. In Samba dance, you actually
touch yourself, love yourself, and enjoy shakin’ what your momma gave you!

Have fun trying this out!

And remember, it’s your BODY that learns new dance moves…not your Mind. So focus on making your Mind empty
and clear like the beach at sunset…

Try learning the moves though PLAY…

And have fun connecting with the Pleasure Center of your body!

Theresa Stevens, Booty Shakin Expert
Thanks for dancing with me! That was fun! :)

In love, light, and the beauty of the shaking booty,

Theresa Loves To Dance
Theresa Stevens
Samba Dancer & Teacher
Booty Shakin’ Expert
Creator of the How To Shake Your Booty in 30 Days Dance Program
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